If you get an error 995, or if you've changed your Wi-Fi router or network, you need to update the Wi-Fi configuration of your scale.

To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the online dashboard's settings from your computer with your Withings account.
  2. Make sure you are on the Devices tab.

  3. At the bottom of the page, click Configure a Wifi BodyScale WBS01.


  4. Click Configure my scale and download the pairing wizard.
  5. Follow the instructions provided by the pairing wizard.


- If you are using a Macintosh (Apple) computer and get a security dialog box preventing you from installing the pairing wizard, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.
  2. Click the lock at the bottom left of the window and enter your password, if prompted to.
  3. Under Allow apps downloaded from, select Anywhere.
  4. Click Allow From Anywhere.

You can now install the pairing wizard.


- If you're using a Windows computer and get an error when downloading the pairing wizard, try downloading it using Firefox.

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