I forgot my password

Make sure that you have entered a full email address. For example, username@gmail.com instead of username@gnail.com.

If there is a typo in your email address, you won’t receive the reactivation link email allowing you to reset your password. Click here for more information.

I know my password, but my email address is unrecognized

Make sure that:

  • You have entered a full email address with no typos. For example, username@gmail.com instead of username@gmail.co
  • Your password is entered correctly

Note that the Customer Service Team is not able to reset a password or modify an email address.

Important information

You should login to the Nokia Health Mate app or Health Mate web dashboard with the email address used when you created your Nokia account.

However, you may have used a different email address when you created your account and your user profile. We recommend you to try using different email addresses to login.

Tip: if you are already logged in the app (for example if you are currently using a device), you can find the email address of your user profile by going to Profile (for Android) or Profile > User details (for iOS).

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