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Why is Withings changing its name?

Withings became part of Nokia in May 2016 because we share a common vision: we believe in the chance to help individuals look after their health. The world-renowned Nokia brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and simplicity - values shared by Withings. By becoming Nokia, the Withings ecosystem will have the opportunity to confirm its leadership in the connected health market.

When will the brand switchover become effective?

The brand switchover is scheduled for the start of the summer. We will provide you with more information in the next few months.

What impact will the brand switchover have?

The brand switchover will have no impact on the performance and quality of our products. Our name is changing but not our DNA. We will continue to innovate in the same way to bring our users new solutions, and the same teams will still be there to answer your questions.

I have just placed an order. Will I receive a Withings product or a Nokia product?

You will receive a Withings product for any order placed before the official brand switchover date, which is scheduled for the start of the summer.

Are my discount coupons still valid?

Yes, discount coupons are still valid on our online store.

Does my Withings product still have a guarantee?

Yes, your Withings product comes with a 2-year guarantee in Europe and a 1-year guarantee in the United States from the date of purchase. For more information, please see our General Sales Conditions.

Will Nokia products and future Nokia products still be available from the usual suppliers?

Yes, our products will still be available from the same outlets (Fnac, BestBuy or MediaMarkt for example). Click here to view the list of our suppliers.

I am going to exchange my product. Will I receive a Withings product or a Nokia product?

If you exchange your product after the switchover, you will receive a Nokia product. If you make the exchange beforehand, you will receive a Withings product.

Will the products still be compatible with iOS and Android?

Yes, our products will remain compatible with iOS and Android. However, there is no planned compatibility with Windows Phone for the time being.

Will my data on Withings apps be retained?

Yes, we will retain your data and you will still be able to access it from the various apps.

Will your data protection policy be affected by the switchover?

Just like Withings, Nokia is a company that is governed by European data protection laws, which are some of the most stringent in the world. The switchover will not affect the storage of your data.

Are the products still designed in France?

Nokia Health products continue to be designed and developed by the same teams, located in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Boston and Hong Kong, who work together with Nokia's teams in Finland and Silicon Valley. 


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