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1. Download the Withings Health Mate app.

Google Play

App Store

2. Open the Withings Health Mate app and tap Join Withings.


Adding a new device

1. Tap I'm setting up my device.

2. Tap on the Blood Pressure Monitor.

3. Tap Install now.

4. Turn on your Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor.
5. Tap Next.

6. The app instructs you to connect your device via Bluetooth.

7. On your phone's settings, tap Bluetooth and find your Blood Pressure Monitor.
8. Tap on it to connect.



9. When Bluetooth is successfully connected, tap Allow.

10. Tap Next.

Creating a Withings Account

1. Enter your email and create a password.

2. Enter your name and birthday.

3. Enter your height, weight and gender.
4. Tap Create.

Taking your first blood pressure reading

5 steps will appear in the Withings Health Mate app and walk you through how to take a measurement.

1. Tap Start.

2. Tap Done in the top left corner when you see your reading.

Using your Blood Pressure Monitor

To use your Blood Pressure Monitor, make sure your phone is unlocked and press the button of your Blood Pressure Monitor.

The Withings Health Mate app will automatically open and provide instructions on how to take a measurement.

For more information on how to view your blood pressure results in the Withings Health Mate app, click here.

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