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1. Click on the Click here to start button from your email invite.

2. Click Ok.

3. Enter your email address, create a password and click Create.

4. Enter your Demographic Information.

5. Enter your preferred units, your weight and your height.

6. Click Access your Dashboard.

You will be directed to the Login screen.

7. Click I am not registered yet.
You will need an Authy Token to login. You will find below the instructions for getting a token.

8. Enter the Patient Care Account login credentials you just created.

9. Enter your Country and Cell Number.
10. Click Register for an Authy Account.

You will be directed back to the login page. Before logging in, you need to get an Authy account.

You may receive a text message with a link that directs you to the App Store to download the Authy app. You can also go to the App Store and download the app on your smartphone.


11. Enter your Cell Number.

12. Enter your Email Address (the same one from your account).

13. Select your method for receiving a Registration Code.

14. Enter your Registration Code.

15. Get your Registration Code from Text or Phone.

16. Tap Allow.

Your code must looks like the code below. Note that it updates every 20 seconds.

17. Enter your Authy Code in the Authy Token field.

The Patient Care Interface looks like below once you have logged in successfully.

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