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The Home Tab

Here is the home screen when you first login to the Dashboard.

Scroll down for an overview of the Challenge.


The People Tab

Here is the home screen when you select the People Tab.

1. Click Invite a member to send an email invitation to someone to join the challenge.

2. Click Invitation link to get a link to send to someone via email.

3. Click Public page to get a link that can be used to display current challenge details in a dashboard format on a TV computer screen for participants to see.

When you post the Public link on a computer or TV screen, you will see a screen like the one below. Updated team data is displayed.

Additional data and metrics will appear too.

How to create teams?

Select Teams from the People tab.

2. Click on Create a Team.

3. Select a team name and add a logo if you want.

4. Click on Add a member from the Teams tab to invite people to join a specific team by sending an automatic email invitation.

5. Click Invitation link to copy a link to share via email with someone to join a specific team.

Clicking the Edit button allows you to change the team name or logo.

6. Click Show Members to view the current members on the team.

The Posts Tab

Here is the home screen when you select the Posts Tab. 

1. Click Create a Post.

2. Choose a logo, create a custom title, message and color. You can either send the message as a test to yourself or click Schedule or Publish.

If you click Schedule and Publish you must then select when you want the post to be sent to the team or individual you want to send it to. Then choose to either send it out immediately or schedule it to automatically be sent out at a future time. You can also save the message as a draft.

The Reporting Tab

Here is the home screen when you select the Reporting Tab. You will see statistics.

Select the Health tab.

You will now see a lot more metrics. You can for example click on gender to dynamically view data.

The Ranking Tab

Here is the home screen when you select the Ranking Tab. You can view weekly, monthly and all time metrics.

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