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When will the Health Mate 3 app be available?

Health Mate 3 will be available in the second half of 2017.

What are the differences compared to the current Nokia Health Mate app?

Health Mate 3 is a major update that redefines the user experience and navigation of your health data. Health Mate 3 is more streamlined than the current version, while still providing access to all of your health data.

Note that the butterfly from the current Dashboard app will be removed as we will be offering a more advanced interface for customized health advice.

Will all of my current Nokia products be supported by the Health Mate 3 app?

Yes. All of your current Nokia products will be compatible with Health Mate 3.

What will be the minimum requirements for Health Mate 3?

Health Mate 3 will be compatible with Android devices running Android 4 or higher and with iOS devices running iOS 8 or higher.

Will I still be able to use the current version of the Nokia Health Mate app?

It will not be possible to use the current version of the Nokia Health Mate app after the release of Health Mate 3.

Will Windows Phone or Blackberry be supported by Health Mate 3?

No, there are no plans for Windows Phone or Blackberry support.

Will Health Mate Web also be redesigned?

Yes. Health Mate Web will be updated to match the style of the Health Mate 3 app.

Will I keep all my data when upgrading to Health Mate 3?

Yes, Health Mate 3 is an update to the existing Health Mate app. All of your data will be preserved and available in the Health Mate 3 app.

I purchased Hy-Result. Will I need to purchase it again for Health Mate 3?

No. If you purchased Hy-Result, you will be able to use it in Health Mate 3 at no additional cost.

Will Thermo data be available in Health Mate 3?

Yes. Thermo data will be available in Health Mate 3.

Will in-app step tracking (without an activity tracker) use my mobile device’s GPS to track steps?

The in-app step tracker in Health Mate 3 does not use GPS to track activity as using GPS causes significant battery drain to your mobile device.

Will all users have access to the Timeline in Health Mate 3?

The Timeline was designed to work for the main user of the Health Mate app on a particular mobile device. You will still be able to access the health data of friends and family that are on your account, but the Timeline will only work for the main user of the Health Mate app on that device.

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