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Developed in collaboration with Kérastase (L'Oréal's subsidiary), Hair Coach is the first-ever connected brush on the market to deliver a complete hair assessment. 

Hair Coach is able to measure:

  • Brushing quality: Automatic detection of the brushing session duration, brushing rhythm and force, but also strokes count
  • Damage: Measure cuticle damage to help ensure moisture retention
  • Hair breakage: Control hair quality and resilience to avoid breakage
  • Dryness: Follow hair elasticity and learn how to avoid dry hair
  • Tangling: Optimize sebum distribution and avoid tangles

These measurements are synced to the Hair Coach app (available on iOS and Android), which allows you to track your hair health.

The Hair Coach app uses these measurements to provide a personal coaching on how to improve the health of your hair.

On which hair types and hair length does the Hair Coach work?

The Hair Coach works with straight, wavy, and curly hair types. Hair must be at shoulder-length or longer.

Can I use the Hair Coach as a regular brush? 

You can brush your hair normally, as long as the hair passes through the entire brush. The brush will detect when it is being used and will begin the hair assessment.

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